About Us

Ace Digi Comms is West Africa’s leading digital marketing agency changing the narrative of marketing. As a marketing agency, we utilize our resources of creativity in the specialization of ultimate branding, marketing strategies,  media planning and implementation, digital marketing and social media as well as creative designing and events marketing.

What makes us different?

Creativity – At Ace we constantly think of outside of the box solutions to your problems.

Our Process

Do you have a problem?

What we believe?

We believe in the power of ideas to drive innovative brand results.

Our ideas are born out of powerful research-driven insight, and deep local understanding, resulting in unparalleled outcomes. Our practice is to develop brand strategies that allow you to capitalize on your unique market presence while ensuring that your brand promise is increasingly represented. With guiding actions, both big and small, we’ll deliver on that brand promise.

We believe our purpose is to help you, our client, build lasting brands that command consumer loyalty. We promise to create captivating ideas that make your market presence consistent and true to your brand’s image and identity. We match our mission with corresponding actions that benefit you.