Project 27

Project 27


Education is known/has been known as the act or process of imparting, acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Nigeria, which is our point of reference, has the largest number of children not being educated and that isn’t a good driving force to a better Nigeria we all desire.
We say education is life but lack of it snuffs life out of these kids,as they labour on our streets; at no age lesser than 5years old. They labour at this age, not to source for funds for their education but to fend for their families, and they get exposed to different forms of danger; this is beyond heartbreaking.
In lieu to this, PROJECT 27 was birthed to work on a near lifetime solution to this loophole in our economy.
It’s a project inspired by the outrageous number of kids found on our streets who we will love to be a part of their success story in future.
The goal is to raise 27 MILLION NAIRA to send kids from rural parts of the country to top government schools.
We definitely can’t achieve this on our own, this is why we need your helping hands today, to send hundreds of kids back to the classrooms,both at primary and secondary levels through PROJECT 27.
Truly children are the leaders of tomorrow, let’s invest in their future.
Together we can!!!
Donate today and save a child’s future. You never know who you’d help


The project is in three phases
Phase1 9m: Makoko Lagos State
Phase2 9m :IDP Camp Bornu State
Phase3 9m: Girl Child Education South East.

Project Duration

Phase 1- May 27th- August 27th

Sponsorship / Partnership

For Sponsorship and Partnership, please kindly contact us via these Channels

Mail –

Telephone – 2348161260068, 2348138866079


Charity Match

This Match will be played between Social Media Influencers against Celebrities.